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I am made of flaws,

❤❤ Rest in peace Olivia Penpraze ❤❤
❤❤ Your keep me strong. ❤❤
❤❤ I miss you.
RIP Olivia Penpraze - 1 Year Today

Dearest Olivia.

Today makes one whole year. Yet, every single day I’m always thinking of you. I log on to tumblr and automatically check to see if you post but then I realise.

You have made me strong and who I am today, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here now, you supported me even though you wasn’t well yourself. And damn I miss you like mad!

Today we let of Lanterns in your memory. I knew today would be hard but I managed to try to stay positive throughout the day because I know that’s what you would of wanted.

I miss you Olivia, I wish you was still here. Hope you’re happy now wherever you are and I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you like you was for me, you saved me. Even through the hate you got, you still managed to message me and be so caring.

People ask, who’s your inspiration? I say you. You help out so many people including myself, you showed me that my life IS worth living. And days come and I’m like I can’t go on anymore, and I remember the things you used to say and post, and I try to stay strong for you.

I miss you like mad Liv,

C xo

Sometimes I want to scream for help but who can save me from myself?

N o b o d y c a r e s
N o b o d y u n d e r s t a n d s

  • Please don't.
  • "Don't what?"
  • Act like you care.

It’s so fucking funny how people who bullied me to the point I wanted to kill myself can go on Facebook and twitter and be like 'I hate Bullying or People who bully people so much that they want to die are so wrong. You are THEM PEOPLE

Anonymous asked: I love you

HA! Sure..

Anonymous asked: You are not worthless! You are an amazing human being and you matter. Please don't hurt yourself.

I’m not.